Privacy Policy

RedTech Advisors Limited (“RedTech Advisors”) requires that you provide current and accurate financial and personal information. RedTech Advisors will protect the information you have provided in a manner that is safe, secure and professional. RedTech Advisors and its employees are committed to protecting your privacy and to safeguarding that information.

Safeguarding Information

We collect non-public customer data in checklists, forms, in written notations, and in documentation provided to us by our customers for evaluation, registration, licensing or related consulting services. We also create internal lists of such data.

Customer’s information collected by RedTech Advisors will be kept so long as their account remains active. If an account becomes inactive, information may be kept for at least six years or for such period of time as may be required by legal and regulatory requirements.

Customers have the right to access, amend and rectify their personal data, to lodge a complaint with a supervising authority, the right to be forgotten, to restrict processing and to object to processing whereby personal data is being processed for direct marketing purposes. If a customer wishes to amend their consent, they can email their request to the Data Protection Officer at [email protected] at any time. The DPO will respond to your written request to exercise these rights as soon as is practicable and within one month of receipt of your request. RedTech Advisors does not sell personal data to third parties.

During regular business hours access to customer records is monitored so that only those with approval may access the files. During hours in which the company is not in operation, the customer records will be locked.

No individual who is not so authorized shall obtain or seek to obtain personal and financial customer information. No individual with authorization to access personal and financial customer information shall share that information in any manner without the specific consent of a firm principal. Failure to observe RedTech Advisors’s procedures regarding customer and consumer privacy will result in discipline and may lead to termination.

Sharing Nonpublic Personal and Financial Information

RedTech Advisors is committed to the protection and privacy of its customers’ personal and financial information. RedTech Advisors will not share such information with any affiliated or non-affiliated third party except:

  • When required to maintain or service a customer account;
  • To resolve customer disputes or inquiries;
  • With persons acting in a fiduciary or representative capacity on behalf of the customer;
  • With persons assessing compliance with industry standards, or to the attorneys, accountants and auditors of the firm;
  • In connection with a sale or merger of RedTech Advisors’ business;
  • To protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud, identity theft, unauthorized transactions, claims or other liability;
  • To comply with local laws, rules and other applicable legal requirements;
  • In any circumstances with the customer’s instruction or consent.

Opt-Out Provisions

It is not a policy of RedTech Advisors to share nonpublic personal and financial information with affiliated or unaffiliated third parties except under the circumstances noted above. Since sharing under the circumstances noted above is necessary to service customer accounts or is mandated by law, there are no allowances made for clients to opt out.