About Us

RedTech Advisors is an independent research firm specializing in the Chinese internet and mobile sectors. Since 2009, we have provided market intelligence and research services to institutional investors, ad agencies and multinational companies.

Services Overview

  • RedTech Advisors is a provider of proprietary data and non-traditional company and industry research focused on China’s internet sector.
  • Coverage: BABA, BIDU, ByteDance, CTRP, Didi, EDU, IQ, JD, Meituan-Dianping, PDD, TAL, Tencent, TME, VIPS, WB. These companies have a combined market value of more than USD1 trillion.
  • Methodology: Meetings with RedTech’s industry contacts, regular surveys of industry professionals and consumers, focus groups, and proprietary mobile datasets. The result is evidence-based research focused on company-specific inflection points and key industry drivers.

RedTech product offerings:

  1. Fundamental research: Surveys, survey data, models, reports, focus groups, and notes. Full access to analysts and occasional access to our exclusive panels of sector professional.
    1. Sectors covered: Advertising, eCommerce, entertainment (including games, music, short/long video), news feed and search, services (including cloud, food delivery, education, fintech, ride hailing, and travel), and social media.
    2. Deliverables: All access subscribers receive about 35 pieces of proprietary research each year, including a mix of short notes on new developments; surveys to check on industry themes and structural changes; and thematic and company reports that look more deeply into new and promising trends (i.e. online groceries, local services, regulatory risk, and social eCommerce).
    3. Industry meetings – Focus groups and one-on-one’s in China with RedTech contacts.
    4. Industry models – Published annually, with updates throughout the year. Sectors covered: Advertising and eCommerce.
    5. News service – Bi-weekly emails summarizing and commenting on key events in China’s ever-changing internet industry.
    6. Primers – Short PPTs introducing an app/sector. Ideal for looking to get up to speed on China’s internet.
  2. Data: Mobile app metrics.
    1. App analysis dashboard:An online subscription service for 3,500 Chinese apps. Covers 25 sectors including music, games, eCommerce, and food delivery. Metrics include MAU and DAU.
    2. Online or API service available in a six-month or annual subscription.
  3. Custom research: Syndicated and one-off projects (Must be a subscriber to Fundamental research to access Custom research).

Examples of RedTech surveys:

  • eCommerce Merchant Survey(2x yearly): 50-55 merchants across apparel, cosmetics, 3C, home appliances, and groceries. Companies: BABA, JD, VIPS, PDD.
  • Food delivery (2x yearly): 2,000 Chinese consumers who purchase food online. Companies: Meituan, Eleme (Alibaba), JD and others.
  • China Online Advertising (2x yearly): 50 advertisers with a focus on what is driving advertising budgets and allocation. Companies: Tencent, Baidu, Weibo, ByteDance.
  • One off/annual surveys, including travel, online real estate, online music, app usage, and eCommerce paid membership programs.

Why we are different: Proprietary data is at the core of our product. But we have been at this long enough to know that technology driven data mining is not a silver bullet. So, to complement our data, we spent years building up traditional networks of professionals in key subsectors. Regular interviews and surveys of these professionals forms the core of our fundamental research product, which helps crosscheck our data and stress test our assumptions.

The result is high-conviction, evidence-based insights about key industry drivers and, importantly, a research system designed to capture inflections as consumer habits change and as industry professionals adjust to stay ahead of competitors. We believe this is a key differentiation with the sell-side practice of offering opinion based on a few conversations with company insiders or CFOs and IR.

For more information, contact us at [email protected].